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I haven’t forgotten this, and I’ve added new art from Midwest Furfest to the commissioned art gallery. This year has just been such a clustercuss with personal and family medical issues, a ton of travel, and feeling like I’ve barely had the time or energy to work on art. It felt good to work on things at MFF, but it was also exhausting and I haven’t managed to pick up a pencil since then.

The impinged nerve in my right arm is improving, but I still have to baby it. I’m also now dealing with an issue with my eyes that requires an MRI to try and figure out what’s going on. Needless to say, I’m a wee bit distracted.

Slow Progress

It’s been a rough couple of months here. I’ve been slogging through my third cold of the winter season, and the nagging cough that came along with it. Just as I got my feet under my, my oldest cat’s heath took a turn for the worst, so that’s been eating a lot of my attention. I expect we’ll lose him in under a week, so I’m giving him as much love as I can while he’s still with us.

Even at 14.5, Dusty’s still a love bug.

I appreciate folks patience while we go through this. Even when you know it’s coming, it hurts to lose any of your furry kids. =( On the art front, I’ve got a colored sketch from my remaining MFF commissions posted, and a couple more in progress. I’ve also submitted another piece to a zine, so that’s something.

Colored Sketch – Phoex