Hey, all! My name’s Ash, but I go by Zannah on the internet. I am a traditionally trained illustrator working their way into digital media. I was born and raised in New England and moved to Virginia with my family at seventeen. I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember. I attended Virginia Tech, where I majored in Studio Art and minored in Art History, earning my BFA spring of 2005. After that, I bounced between a number of “day jobs” for a few years while making art on the side. Since 2010 I’ve lived in the Chicago area with my wife and our spoiled herd of cats.
Though I mainly love drawing, I have worked in everything from pen and ink to marker, painting, sculpture, ceramics, airbrushing, and more frequently of late in digital media. I love learning and experimenting with different media and techniques. My work is inspired by fuzzy cute things and cartoon characters. I like to draw animal-people (furries)! I’ve been showing/selling work at conventions (scifi and furry both) since 2001, and been privileged to have pieces displayed in a few traditional art galleries over the years as well. As a student, I also did a lot of flyer and poster work for a couple of clubs I attended. Some of the projects/shows I’ve participated in:

Past conventions I’ve attended include:

  • Technicon (defunct)
  • Rising Star (defunct)
  • Katsucon
  • Anthrocon
  • Midwest Fur Fest
  • Furry Connection North (defunct)
  • Further Confusion
  • FurSquared

Presently, the only convention I have been attending Is Midwest Fur Fest. The last several years, in particular, have been characterized by a struggle with endometriosis and various related complications. Despite my health issues, I’ve continued to make art and complete commissions, trying to stream regularly on Tigerdile several times a week. I have continued to grow my business and seek new opportunities, such as branching into coloring books and opening a Patreon! I will try to keep making art as long as I’m able, no matter what the challenges.