Unless otherwise stated, all of my artwork is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License.

**** What is Creative Commons? Think of it as Copyright with conditions. I’ve chosen the Noncommercial, Attribution, Share-Alike version of the license. It means that If you’re not making money off my art, you leave my signature attached and credit me in a description somewhere, and don’t add your own obnoxious DNP notices to my work (modified or no), you are welcome to do what you want with what I post. Yes. Seriously. Have fun with it. ****

The List of Stuff it’s Ok to Do™

~ Save to your computer, print things out, and hang them up. Show them off. Feel free! Don’t claim you drew them yourself, but otherwise it’s fine by me. =D

~ Use coloring pages for coloring practice. Coloring pages are available through my Patreon! If you color my art, I would love to see it. Just leave the signature and website intact on the piece.

~ Take a sketch I’ve done for you and add to it or have someone else finish it. Yes! Please do! I toss out freebie sketches on occasion, and if you’re lucky enough to get one, and want to keep working on it, go right ahead. Same goes for sketch and ink commissions, etc. I have no problem with this whatsoever. In fact, I’d love to see the finished results. ^_^ Same thing applies for reposting these. Leave the signature intact, and toss a link back to the original artwork.

~ Add to or modify an existing color piece. <–again, I’d be really curious to see the results of this. =D Same thing applies. Leave the signature intact, and toss a link back to the original artwork.

~ Redraw an existing piece with your own twists/trace a piece to get a better understanding of the lines. I am cool with this. All I ask is that if you post your rendition, you credit my piece as your reference, and preferably toss a link back to my gallery.

~ Repost my artwork, with or without modification. I’m not going to get bent out of shape if my artwork turns up on other sites. It’s the internet. I sort of expect it to happen. Again, leave the signature intact, do not post it to paid-access sites, and give credit where due whenever possible.

~ Repost a gift piece or commission I drew for you. Absolutely, yes! Feel free to pop it up in your gallery, make avatars from it, etc. If I drew it for you, you are welcome to share it. This is basically free advertising for me.

~ Resell a piece you commissioned from me/bought at an art show. Sure! You bought it. If you decide you don’t want it anymore, it’s up to you to resell it. Note that I do not sell reproduction rights with my work, but you are perfectly fine selling off the original piece.

Stuff That is More Iffy and May Require Permission™

~ Using images to represent your RP characters: This is something I’d rather handle on a case by case basis. I will probably be okay with it? But I’d really rather you ask. “Zannah” in particular is very personal to me, as I’ve been using one version or another of her since I was about 10 years old. Also, I draw characters belonging to my friends and on commission a lot, and you’d really have to get THEIR permission too… So, generally, if you want to use something I’ve drawn to give someone else an example, ie: “My character looks a lot like this, but with this and this difference,” that’s fine. Snagging one of my images and declaring it to be your RP character is much less kosher.

~ Making avatars/icons out of my art: If it’s something I drew for you? Go for it! Otherwise, uhhh, not sure why you’d really want to? Check with me first, Okay? Particularly if what I drew is a gift or a commission for someone else, they might be a bit peeved to find you running around using their character as your avatar. c.c;

~ Recoloring commissioned work to match your character instead: I strongly prefer that no one take my raw/unfinished artwork and pay someone else to finish it for them, at least not without talking to me first. If you really like some sketch in my gallery, and it wasn’t part of a commission for someone else, you can always color it yourself, or talk to me about claiming it, and maybe upgrading it to color, etc. Or ask if it’s okay to have another artist color it for you. I just don’t want my commissioners upset by recolored versions of their characters turning up, so when in doubt, PLEASE ask. You’ll probably get an okay from me, but just check in if you’re unsure. I don’t bite, I promise

Stuff that is NOT COOL™

~ Do not utilize my artwork for any commercial concern without my express permission and/or purchasing commercial rights to it.

~ You may not make and resell prints of my work or digital compilations including it. You may not post my work to pay-access websites. If you must repost, keep it free. I make very little off my art already. Doing something like this is just like a knife to the kidneys for an artist.

~ Do not take, trace, alter, copy, redraw, or redistribute (etc) any of my images with the signature removed, and likewise do not copy or heavily reference any of my artwork and claim it as your own original work. It’s rude, obnoxious, and wrong, especially considering the degree of freedom I already allow with my art. 

All of the above is pretty straightforward. Leave the signature alone, give credit where credit is due, and don’t exploit my art for your own financial gain, and I’ll probably be cool with most reposts and other uses of it. If you still have questions about anything, feel free to ask. I don’t bite…hard. =D